Can Medical Marijuana Help With Your Anxiety?

Medical marijuana, or cannabis, has come under harsh scrutiny in recent years, particularly since its popularity for treating health conditions is soaring. Many professionals advocate using it to treat anxiety, while others think it's risky and can have detrimental effects. If you're considering medical marijuana for your anxiety disorder, it really comes down to the individual ingredients. Here's what you need to know about getting the right kind of cannabis.

The 101 On Holistic Prevention For Your Diabetic Neuropathy

From a complete change in your diet and a large increase in exercise for weight loss to the addition of daily insulin shots or oral medications, it is easy to see the overwhelming nature of a diabetes diagnosis. While you and your doctor are most likely managing your condition, focusing on your skin to prevent diabetic neuropathy is also important. Considering an estimated 15 to 18 million Americans currently suffer with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, learning how to prevent this condition is imperative.

Natural Ways To Lower Your High FSH Levels While Trying To Get Pregnant

While trying to get pregnant, you may have been diagnosed with a high level of follicle-stimulating hormone, or FSH, that could be creating problems with your ability to ovulate correctly. If you are searching for natural methods of lowering these levels, you may want to try one or more of the following. Increase Your Intake Of Iron If You Are Anemic When you are anemic, your blood's ability to carry oxygen to your ovaries becomes greatly decreased.