Taking Advantage Of Monarda Essential Oil's Antifungal Properties

Monarda essential oil, also known as bee balm essential oil, is extracted from the stems, leaves, and flowers of the Monarda fistulosa plant. This potent essential oil has a number of benefits, but it's particularly well-known for its antifungal properties. So, how can you take advantage of these antifungal properties and use Monarda essential oil to your own benefit? Here are three approaches that may come in handy.

Use Monarda essential oil on athletes' foot and ringworm.

Athlete's foot and ringworm are both common fungal infections of the skin. Athletes' foot causes extreme itching and the development of blister-like lesions on the feet and between the toes. It is often acquired in gyms and in public showers, and it thrives on moist, warm feet, such as the feet of athletes who wear sneakers all of the time. Applying Monarda essential oil to the affected areas can help kill the fungi or at least stop them from replicating. You'll want to first dilute the oil with an equal portion of a neutral carrier oil, such as almond or olive oil, and then apply the blended oils once or twice per day.

Ringworm is similar to athlete's foot in that it is a fungal infection, but it can appear anywhere on the body and causes round, ring-like lesions. It also tends to respond well if you apply a blend of Monarda essential oil and olive oil to the lesions once or twice per day.

Use Monarda essential oil for fungal acne.

If you have acne that does not respond well to typical over-the-counter remedies like salicylic acid, that could be because the acne is being caused by fungi, not bacteria. Try instead rubbing a tiny bit of Monarda essential oil onto the affected area once a day before you go to sleep. If your acne is indeed fungal acne, you should notice a big difference within a few days of using Monarda essential oil.

Use Monarda essential oil to clear mold from the air.

Another way to use Monarda essential oil is to diffuse it into the air when you have mold growing in the home. It will help kill any airborne mold spores so the mold does not spread, and so that you don't keep inhaling the spores. You can add a few drops of Monarda essential oil to any essential oil diffuser. Or, put a few drops in a pot, fill it with water, and simmer the mixture on the stove.

Monarda essential oil is such a versatile antifungal. Use it in one or more of these ways, and see what you think.