How To Save When Visiting The Dispensary

If you are a cannabis user, visiting the dispensary is an activity you likely look forward to. It's so nice to look at all of the different strains and products, and then come home with a new supply of cannabis you can use to relax and ease your symptoms. However, sometimes visiting the dispensary ends up costing a bit more than you would like. If you're on a budget, here are some ways to keep costs down on your next dispensary visit.

Buy bulk flower

The pre-rolled joints can be tempting to buy. It's nice not to have to worry about rolling your own. However, you tend to pay a lot more for this convenience. Instead of buying a few pre-rolls, buy a couple of grams of flower and a pack of rolling papers. If you're not a skilled roller, smoke out of a bowl. You could even buy a little rolling machine and then roll all of your own joints. With the cost of the rolling machine and papers, you'll still save money in comparison to the cost of pre-rolls.

Get a medical card

If you live in a state where you can use marijuana recreationally, you may just be walking into a dispensary and buying it. But if there is any diagnosable medical condition that could qualify you for a medical marijuana card, it's still worth getting one. Medical card holders usually pay less for their weed — some dispensaries even have two separate price structures for medical card holders and recreational users. There may even be able to buy some stronger strains or products with a higher THC concentration as a medical card holder, and these tend to be a better value for your money.

Ask for the smaller buds

These days, everyone seems to want large, impressive buds because they're more photogenic and more aesthetically pleasing. However, the smaller buds work just the same. Ask your budtender if they have any smaller buds they are selling at a discount. Some dispensaries even put these in a separate bin and sell them at a 10% discount. You may want to show up first thing in the morning to ensure you get some before all the other budget-conscious shoppers come in.

By getting a medical card, buying smaller buds, and staying away from the pre-rolls, you can save money on your next dispensary visit. Visit a dispensary in your area to learn more.