A Look At The Advantages Of CBD Oil Capsules Compared To Tinctures

With so many proposed benefits of CBD, many people are turning to manufacturers in search of the best way to get this element into their bodies. Many people will initially opt for tinctures, which are created with a carrier oil that is filled with the CBD. However, capsules can offer a few advantages. Here is a look at some of the advantages of CBD capsules over CBD tinctures. 

CBD capsules make it easier to get the proper dosage of CBD

When CBD tinctures are formulated, the manufacturer determines how much CBD is in the bottle and then can tell you about what you will get with a drop or two of the fluid. If you shake the product well before dosing, you should be able to get about what the manufacturer states with your fluid dose. However, there can be discrepancies. With capsules, you are getting a premeasured, specific amount of CBD in each dose without variables to affect the amount. Therefore, if you are looking for a more reliable dose, capsules may be the better option between the two products.

CBD capsules are easier to take if you do not like the flavor of tinctures

Even though a lot of CBD product manufacturers do a good job of creating tinctures that have a decent flavor, CBD can still have an obvious earthy taste that a lot of people do not find enjoyable. Plus, tinctures are usually made with carrier oils that can coat the inside of the mouth and your tongue, which can leave the unpleasant taste in your mouth for a while after taking your dose. CBD capsules go directly down with a drink of water, so you do not taste anything at all while taking your dose. 

CBD capsules are easier to take inconspicuously than CBD tincture

If you rely on CBD tinctures to get your doses of CBD throughout the day, it can be a little obvious what you are doing when you pull out a bottle of liquid and use a dropper to take your dose. On the other hand, if you rely on capsules, you can simply take your capsules with a sip of water and no one will ever guess or question what it is that you are taking. Plus, capsules are a lot easier to carry in a pocket, briefcase, or purse without worries that you will spill your product.  

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