Is Cannabis Right For You?

Cannabis has been used in the medical field in some states for many years and has many medicinal qualities. To find out if cannabis is right for your needs, use this guide.

You prefer alternative medicine

Cannabis is an herb that is known for its calming, healing properties. If you suffer from anxiety or chronic pain, cannabis may be right for you, especially if you don't want to use traditional medicine.

Never buy cannabis off the street from a dealer or person you don't trust (even if the herb is legal in your state). Always buy from a licensed dispensary. A cannabis dispensary should be willing to show you all credibility of their ability to sell cannabis.

Remember: cannabis comes in many different varieties, strains, and strengths. If you don't want to smoke cannabis, you can eat the herb instead or take it in liquid form, drinking it like a tea. Cannabis is often put into candies and pastries for personal consumption.

You have chronic pain

Cannabis can be used to treat chronic pain, such as headaches, migraines, back pain, and arthritis pain. Always check with your doctor before taking cannabis for your medical ailments as cannabis may treat many symptoms but may not be an actual cure.

You have bad anxiety or depression

Cannabis affects the mood, putting a person in a calmer state. If you have bad anxiety or depression that is diagnosed but not currently controlled by modern medicine, give cannabis a try. Always use cannabis around someone you trust, as its side effects can include a calm euphoria as well as sleepiness. Never drive after consuming cannabis, especially if you don't know how the herb will affect your senses.

You have glaucoma

Cannabis is widely used by patients who have glaucoma to help manage symptoms of pain and discomfort. Your eye doctor will let you know if cannabis is right for you and may be able to recommend a medical marijuana dispensary in your area. Only use marijuana for your glaucoma symptoms as needed and discontinue use when you are feeling better.

Never give cannabis to children, even if the herb is touted to relieve childhood medical needs. If you live in a state that doesn't have marijuana legalized yet, you may be able to get a medical marijuana license, but you still need to adhere to state and federal laws. Refer to a lawyer or your doctor before taking cannabis in any form.