Things You Should Know Before You Buy Any CBD Oil For Sale

Did you know that you cannot be charged with a crime if you are carrying CBD when certain situations apply? Additionally, you may have no problems at all in some states if you buy either type of CBD oil. Yes, there are two types, and one may get you into trouble. If you feel really confused now, even though you are seconds away from buying the CBD oil for sale online or locally, here are a few things you should know.

CBD Oil from Medical Marijuana

CBD oil extracted from medical marijuana totally has the hallucinogenic properties of medical marijuana, although to varying degrees depending on the parent plant. This is the CBD oil that could get you into trouble if A) you do not have a prescription for it, and B) you are outside your home state where it is legal and traveling through a state where it is not legal. That said, make sure that the CBD oil you buy is not extracted from medical marijuana unless you have a prescription and are staying in a state where it is legal.

CBD Oil from Hemp

Hemp is essentially marijuana, except that hemp is the male plant of these plant species. Male marijuana plants do not contain enough THC to cause any unusual drug effects, but it does contain enough cannabids to work as a medicine. As such, it is safer to carry the CBD oil made from hemp than the stuff made from the female plant, otherwise known as medical marijuana.

CBD Oil Is Legal Where Medical Marijuana Is Not

Despite the very free nature of states that have made it legal and possible to purchase medical marijuana within state boundaries, you might be surprised at the laws in other states. For example, CBD oil for medical use is allowed in the state of Wisconsin, but medical marijuana is not. That said, you definitely need to check the laws in your state if you know that medical marijuana is still illegal there.

Your state may allow the CBD oil, or it may only allow CBD oil from hemp. It may be more complicated than that if your state also requires a prescription for a very serious condition. Your condition may not be considered serious enough by state legislatures for the CBD oil. In that case, you may have to march on your state capital to get clearance to use CBD oil for your condition.