Struggling For A Natural Treatment For Your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? This Himalayan Supplement May Help

If you've recently been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), you may be somewhat relieved to finally put a name to the unpleasant symptoms that have been plaguing you for months or even years. Unfortunately, treating CFS effectively can often be a long process of trial and error, and many of the medications designed to bring relief for CFS symptoms can cause more problems than they may solve. 

One Himalayan supplement may be able to turn the tables, improving your energy level naturally without resorting to heart-palpitating medications or experimental clinical trials. Read on to learn more about shilajit and its potential to increase your energy levels without causing many of the unpleasant side effects that can be common with CFS medications:

What is shilajit?

This hard-to-spell supplement is derived from the sticky resin that coats many rocks in the Himalayan region. This resin is formed over the course of hundreds of years, as plants decay in the high altitude and are transformed from rotting organic matter to a nutrient-rich tar. 

Although shilajit doesn't look particularly appetizing, it can be consumed in capsule form, liquid form, or simply eaten straight from the container by grabbing a small "grain" or ball of the substance. In most cases, you'll want to start with the smallest possible dose and work your way up in volume until you begin to achieve the desired health effects, then continue at this dose going forward. 

How can shilajit treat the symptoms of CFS? 

Although it's been around for millennia, the myriad health benefits of shilajit still haven't been thoroughly explored. Early testing has indicated this unique substance could bring relief for those suffering from everything from Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia to altitude sickness to low testosterone. 

Shilajit has also shown promise in the treatment of CFS. Although the precise causes of CFS in each individual can vary, this condition has been associated with mitochondrial syndrome, a condition in which your cells are unable to produce enough energy. 

One 2012 study on the effectiveness of shilajit against fatigue found that when rats were fed shilajit for three weeks, then forced to engage in a fatiguing activity (swimming for 15 minutes each day), the shilajit-eating rats were far less likely to demonstrate signs of fatigue than the control group. Because there are very few negative side effects from shilajit consumption and you can stop taking this supplement at any time without fear of withdrawal, adding shilajit to your daily regimen could help you feel more energized. 

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