Three Essential Oils That May Help Your Anxiety

You might be noticing that you're seeing essential oils in local drugstores more often and may even know some people who are distributors for various companies that offer them. What you might not be aware of, however, is that these oils do more than smell good; they can also contribute to your overall well-being. If you have bouts of anxiety, for instance, the following oils can be especially effective.


Pressed from the flowers of the lavender bush, lavender oil can be a soothing tool that will calm your frazzled nerves. Lavender has long been reputed to bring about a feeling of relaxation, and studies have shown that exposure to lavender oil can ease anxiety.

There are number of ways you can use lavender oil to feel calmer. You might put a drop of the oil on the wrists, cup your hands together and inhale the odor, for instance. You may also want to put a few drops of lavender into a burner or a diffuser so that you can smell it in the room.


The ever-popular rose bush produces flowers that are fragrant and beautiful, and the oil made from those petals has a sweet scent. This oil can also decrease feelings of nervousness and unease. You might soak your feet in warm water mixed with some drops of rose oil and it might calm you to diffuse the oil as well. Because the smell of the rose is so familiar with people, you may even want to use it as a natural perfume throughout the day so that you can keep your mood stable.

Rose oil also has many other therapeutic uses; if you're having issues with your skin or experiencing depression or low libido in addition to anxiety, rose oil could also be effective for those conditions as well.


You may have never heard of the bergamot tree, but the oil from this plant can be useful for lifting your mood and settling your nerves. The bright, citrus scent of this oil can be dabbed behind your ears, diffused or worn as a body scent that can keep you calm throughout the day.

Once you've tried the individual essential oils mentioned in this article, you can start mixing two or three of them together to create your own anxiety blend for diffusing or applying to your skin. Talk to a local aromatherapist or essential oils distributor to get more ideas about what oils may help you feel better. Resources like Davina Wellness can help.